Our this.advisors 2019 are strong profiles representing different creative businesses. They will help us with their expertise on creating this.nordic 2019.

Mathias Gredal Nørvig, CEO, SYBO Games

Tine Aurvig-Huggenberg, CEO, Kreativitet & Kommunikation. Trade organization for consulting creative businesses.

Christian Have, Creative Director, Have Kommunikation

Janne Villadsen, Director of Communication & Development, Heartland Festival, Board Member KulturErhverv. 

Timme Bisgaard Munk, CEO, Kforum, Bureaubiz & Bootstrapping

Ronni Madsen, Vice President, M2Film

Pernille Rype, Director of Communications, Innovationsfonden

Louise Overgaard, Head of Internet Week Denmark

Kristian Riis, Entrepreneur and Musician, Nordic LA and Nephew

Morten Remmer, Chief Growth Officer, Head of LEO Innovation Lab Incubator, Head of Growth Hacking and Communication

Frederik Lentz Andersen, Fashion Editor, Euroman, and Eurowoman 

Mette BomCampaign Advisor, Ministry of Culture

Anna Porse, CEO, Seismonaut A/S

Jakob Stigler, Chairman, Creative North & CEO, The Mano Company