4.00 pm


It’s summer, and Julie and Jesper have turned 30. While their friends are getting married, having children and moving out of the city, the two friends still meet up and help each other find a way through single life. But it isn’t always easy convincing others or even themselves that the 30’s are the new 20’s.

More Info:

The series once again consists of 8 episodes – but with a duration time of 20 minutes this time around. With the longer running time the universe grows bigger and more elaborate.

We will reacquaint ourselves with actors from the first season as well as meet new ones. From the first season we will once again meet Amalie Lindegaard, Emma Sehested Høeg and Alexander Clement. And the new additions to the cast include, among others, Julie Christiansen, Magnus Millang, Mette Horn, Mathias Helt, Kristian Halken, and Peder Bille.