11.15 am


Why Attend?

– Get unique perspectives from 4 different speakers on what you need to know about engaging storytelling.

– Get inspired by fascinating cases for brands such as YouTube Kids, Maersk, BBC, etc.

– Get valuable know-how on creating stories that can successfully stand out in today’s digital overload.

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This is your chance to get insider insights from some great creative minds when it comes to identifying story potential and making stories for digital audiences that actually matter – whether it’s niche stories with practical value or bigger “change the world” stories.

In this session, you will get 4 different perspectives on how to bring stories to life and how to create meaningful content that really resonates with the audience. Miki Mistrati will deliver the journalistic perspective, Jeppe Aaen will be covering the digital platform perspective, Ronni Madsen will discuss the content perspective, and finally you will hear the branding and film-making perspective from Malcolm Green.

From Hells Angels and BBC’s “Stacey Dooley Investigates” to YouTube Kids and “The Heart of Trade" with Maersk

Visual storytelling in itself isn’t anything special anymore. Today it is simply the shared language of the Internet. Everyone’s posting videos, memes, etc. and as a result there is an overabundance of digital content out there competing for the global audiences’ limited attention.

So how do brands, publicists or media companies rise to this challenge? Attend this 2-hour session to find out.

Ronni Madsen has invited 3 international industry leaders to join him on stage. On the basis of their own experiences all 4 speakers will challenge you to reevaluate the relevance and potential of your message – and provide you with key takeaways on how to identify, develop and tell engaging stories that actually matter.

As you will learn, there are many types of “mattering”. The appeal of your message can be emotional, rational or something else entirely, but basically you are always trying to appeal to a “me”. Each person consists of many me’s with different wants, needs and aspirations, so which do you activate and how?

Also learn about:

  • The mega trends in today’s digital storytelling landscape.
  • The effects of the increasingly blurred lines between entertainment, advertising and popular culture.
  • The challenges of utilizing and tailoring your content to different online platforms and media channels.
  • How brands are proactively using the digital transformation to support their brand stories, campaigns and customer experiences.
  • Basic insights behind the creative process of creating meaningful content and stories tailored to relevant audiences in relevant contexts.
  • The fundamental human and cultural value of storytelling.

And much, much more.



Miki Mistrati, Creative Director, Head of TV, Time Inc. UK. Executive producing for BBC, Channel 4, TLC and ITV in the UK. Since getting his start in 1996 with a documentary about the gang war between the Hells Angels and Bandidos MC gangs, Miki has been quite busy and now boasts a wealth of experience as a multi award-winning director, journalist, producer and novelist with a specialty in storytelling and investigative reporting.

Malcolm Green, Writer and Film Director. Following a successful career in advertising where he wrote, directed and/or creative directed over 1,000 commercials, Malcolm Green left his own Top 10 agency to concentrate on bringing powerful brand and non-brand stories and messages to screens of all shapes and sizes, always seeking to find Purpose within every project. One of these notable projects include “The Heart of Trade” Maersk campaign, which netted a Grand Prix award as well as a Best Director award for Malcolm.

Jeppe Aaen, Creative Director at Hello Monday, a digital creative agency that creates digital design, websites, apps, and brand identities. Jeppe has worked with big name clients such as Warner Bros., ESPN, and National Geographic, but will at this session primarily discuss Hello Monday’s work with YouTube Kids and their exciting findings related to building a story about a company whose product is made by their users.

Ronni Madsen, Vice President of M2Film, a full-service provider of award-winning entertainment and branded content for all platforms. Possessing a keen understanding of the complexities and challenges of today’s digital storytelling landscape, Ronni helps corporate and cultural institutions create creative content that cuts through the noise and has a meaningful impact.