10.30 am


Why Attend?

– Get inspiration from Saar, born and raised in Jerusalem, the conflict-ridden founding place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and hear how growing up in this divided place influenced his career.

– Get an understanding of the strong connection between borders and design, and how to break away from them both physically and creatively.

– Get insight into the unique creative process behind creating the brand identity of the Jerusalem arts and music festival, Mekudeshet, chosen as one of the top 100 designs in the world by the highly regarded Communication Arts magazine.

More Info:

Saar Friedman is the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director of OPEN, an agency based in Tel Aviv. He leads the creative team and supervises all creative aspects, from concept and design to brand implementation. Saar founded the company with his partner, Eyal Katz, at the age of 25 while receiving his BFA in Visual Communication from Vital, the Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies. In addition to this, he is a lecturer at both the Shankar College of Design and the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and was a keynote speaker at the TYPO Berlin Design Conference in May 2018.

Established in 2000, OPEN is a full-service branding agency, consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of designers, strategists and creative talent who build inspiring brands for market-leading companies and breakthrough start-ups in Israel and around the world. The “start-up nation” of Israel has provided Saar and his team with many clients in the high-tech space, and he has led more than 120 branding processes in this field as well as among the consumer brands, food and beverage, retail, banking, transportation industries and more.

Mekudeshet - Arts and Music Festival in Jerusalem

The Mekudeshet festival was founded in 2011 with the aim of emphasizing Jerusalem’s raw potential in the fields of the arts and culture. The festival’s various events showcase the huge variety that exists within Jerusalem, alongside international artists, creating interesting connections and relationships all designed to challenge ways of thinking and generate a new and different cultural conversation about Jerusalem.

It was decided that the idea of holiness, or sacredness, that lies at the heart of Jerusalem, should also be at the heart of the initiative and its brand. And so, Mekudeshet (sanctified) was born, calling for a fresh examination of the idea of holiness in Jerusalem, through a variety of unique cultural and artistic events. The brand concept is based on a group of Jerusalemites known as ‘The Border Dissolvers’ who are active in different cultural fields, and who work towards changing the reality on the ground. Using creative graphic art and design techniques, OPEN mapped the daily routes of these people, creating an original and unique design language to accompany the project and its numerous events.