1.00 pm


Why Attend?

– Get to be hands-on and put your creativity, worldview and perspective into good use.

– Get expert insights on living on the streets as a homeless person in Denmark.

– Get increased awareness about a rapidly growing issue in Denmark.

More Info

Many ideas and tech solutions have been thought of to help the homeless, all around the world – mostly in the form of smartphone apps.

In this session we encourage the participants to join us in a creative space where we aim to think of ways to meet the needs of the people on the streets, as well as coming up with new ways of making “homelessness” a serious bulletpoint on the political agenda in Denmark.

Asking the important questions

– How do we tell the stories that will enlighten the average Dane?

– How do we renew and build our cities with socially beneficial solutions integrated?

– How do we meet the needs of those who need it the most – instead of creating new ones?

– What role could technology play?

The workshop will be led by Tobias Kjærside (hired “troublemaker” at the secretariat of SAND) and Marc Eggen of Kulbroen. 

Making up the experts will be both staff members and volunteers from SAND. The organization is run by members who all used to be or are currently homeless, and is supported by a secretariat of 8 employees.