5.10 pm


Keld Reinicke will be talking with Julie Andem, the creator of SKAM, about how to produce fiction for new platforms versus traditional TV. Read more about that here.

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Keld Reinicke is executive producer for the digital studio Drive as well as a freelance media adviser working with strategic development of digital content for some of the biggest Scandinavian media companies and NGO’s. In addition, he is one of the brains behind Carlsberg’s “It all comes from beer” digital content strategy, and has also helped Facebook with their first Premium Content productions for the American market for the global media Tattoodo. Besides his work in digital productions and strategies, he also lectures at Den Danske Filmskole (ENG: The Danish Film School).

He is especially well known in Denmark for being a vital part in starting DR2, TV ZULU, TV 2 Charlie, and for several years he was Head of Programmes for TV 2.