9.20 am


Why Attend?

– Get bewildered, amazed and challenged by Kaspar’s uniquely grotesque, tragicomic and satirical take on our Western, European and Nordic societies and their current trajectories towards doom.

– Get to hear a State of the Union-type address on our beloved nordic values, unlike any you’ve ever heard before.

More Info:

Kaspar Colling Nielsen is a popular Danish fiction writer who first rose to prominence in 2010 with his debut work “Mount København” (en: “Mount Copenhagen”), for which he won Danske Bank’s debutant award. He continued to impress critics in 2013 with “Den danske borgerkrig 2018-2024″ (en: The Danish Civil War 2018-2024”), a fantastically absurd and satirical description of the age we live in and a welfare state in deep crisis.

His most recent work, “Det europæiske forår” (en: “The European Spring”), released in 2017, is yet another bizarre work featuring talking animals and artificial intelligence. The book explores brand new dystopic scenarios in the not too distant future as we follow the story of four people’s courses in life and the state of Europe at the beginning of a new millennium.

State of the North