Why Attend?

– Get the behind the scenes story of creating the “Best International Show of 2017” (New York Times) straight from the mouths of Avi Issacharoff & Lior Raz, its two co-creators.

– Get insight into how “FAUDA” managed to take the whole world by storm with its nuanced and fair-minded portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

– Get educated on how the Netflix series shines a unique light on the new realities of our divided world – something which served as an inspiration for the Danish-Swedish drama series “Greyzone”.

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Avi is an Israeli journalist as well as a radio show host known for his analysis of Middle East issues. Lior is not only a screenwriter, but also the lead actor in “FAUDA”. Together this dynamic duo has managed to break language and cultural barriers, and now the time has come for them to visit the cold North – the home turf for social realism.

We’re willing to bet big that you’re gonna love these guys. Netflix clearly loves them – just last fall they approved a new English-language drama series created by the duo.

Meet the creators of "FAUDA"

As far as fiction goes, this series is the most real you’re gonna get. Dubbed “The Wire” of the West Bank, “Fauda” – meaning “chaos” in Arabic – has been lauded by critics worldwide for opening a window between the two conflicting parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By showing sympathy for both sides the series has managed to make Israelis and Palestinians alike identify with and love the show. It shows all the nuances and grey areas of the conflict – and our world in general. It paves the way for new understandings – replacing the rhetoric of “us” versus “them”.

Among many highlights, “Fauda” was named the “Best International Show of 2017” by The New York Times.

If you’re a fan of this award-winning series, be sure to mark down May 24 in your calendar: That’s when Netflix will be dropping the second chapter to the two-sided story of a conflict that continues to leave a mark on the entire international community.