1.15 pm


Why Attend?

– Get inspired on how to design products and services in a future that none of us can really understand – or foresee.

– Get predictions (and wild guesses) on the next big wave of tech: what happens to design when blockchain, AR, VR and… XR changes everything?

– Get into the minds of two designers who work with big corporates and ambitious start-ups side by side, trying to rid the world of bad design and consultant baloney.

More Info:

Rasmus Thomsen and Christian Dyhr work alongside 500+ designers spread across 15 offices at Designit, a strategic design firm. Their clients include Chelsea FC, SAS, LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Audi and some yet to-be-famous, but brilliant start-ups.

Bred by an industry constantly searching for the next big thing and always expected to know the answers, Rasmus and Christian tend to pose questions: “Do we know what we’re doing? Why should anyone care?”

Somewhere in between linear and non-linear thinking, these guys seek to change how we think of design and business. In their own words: they’re brand designers who hate branding.

Attacking the Big Blur