3.00 pm


Why Attend?

– Get a ride on David Shingy’s time machine and take part in exploring and discussing the future of the web.

– Get insights on how brands can survive in the evolving digital landscape.

– Get the number of his hair stylist – if you ask nicely!

More Info:

By day David Shingy holds the official job title of “Digital Prophet” at Oath, which includes the digital brands AOL and Yahoo!. By night he is an accidental singer-songwriter. He used to serve as AOL’s European Head of Media and Marketing, but now he now usually lives his life on planes, traveling around the world to speak at various conferences and sharing his wealth of knowledge with those who aren’t too distracted by his hair.

One of Shingy’s achievements is coining the phrase HoMo, a portmanteau blending the words home and mobile, which pertains to how people spend time at home using their mobile phones.

Don’t miss this chance to experience Shingy’s Aussie charm and hear his concrete predictions for the future of social media and tech.

How brands can survive in the evolving digital landscape