1.00 pm


Why Attend?

– Get a chance to meet 5 pioneering Coworking leaders with their unique take on the future of coworking in the South Harbour Incubator Ideas Lab.

– Get insight into how big business & small-scale disruptors challenge tomorrow’s work environment and culture. 

– Get inspired and learn what exactly drives their innovative approach.

Engage in and get inspired by

– Mindful Workflow w. Maria Garde, Head of Incubator, Ideas Lab

– Investing In A New Coworking Culture, W. Tyge Vonsbæk, Managing Director, DesignIt

– Nordic Startup Culture W. Mikkel Dalsgaard, Managing Director, Culture Workspace

– The Aart Of Coworking For Future Businesses, W. Anders Tyrrestrup, Founding Partner & Creative Director, AART Architects 

– Time Out Session, W. Helga Laursen, Stress Resilience Expert & Co-founder, Resilio Technologies

VENUE: Ideas Lab

Challenge Future Coworking: Nordic Work Life Balance Or All in American Startup Culture?

How do we create the future of sustainable work cultures where creativity, business & people will thrive under the increasing pressure concerning work life balance and the ultimate pursuit of lean effectiveness? Culture Workspace & Ideas Lab are hosting this networking summit to address different perspectives and insights into this question and challenge it with new approaches. this. coworking summit will present you with various cases on how we in the North approach society’s increasing demand for people & businesses to produce creative solutions on a daily demand.

We will address how the nordic approach differs from the American startup culture and how this perspective can be used to create spaces and cultures where new creative solutions & innovative thinking can be ignited. Furthermore, the summit will get you involved through dialogue and exercises, so get ready to participate and give your unique take on the future of coworking.