Louise Roug

Executive Editor, International, HuffPost

In her talk, Danish Louise Roug will talk about her entrepreneurial approach to creating great digital content and products and discuss how HuffPost fights Fake News.

Louise Roug left Denmark without finishing her education and never came back. Instead, she graduated from Columbia University and worked at the Los Angeles Times for almost a decade. Before coming to HuffPost, she was the Global Editor of Mashable and, prior to that, the Foreign Editor of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, overseeing the foreign coverage of a combined digital and print 140-person global newsroom.

Louise is the Executive Editor, International, at HuffPost, overseeing its international editions which comprise 14 newsrooms and more than 350 editorial staff around the world. She is a Pulitzer finalist who draws on 20 years of experience in digital journalism, magazines and newspapers to develop successful strategies to help create compelling stories and engage and grow audiences.


Session: Ongoing Focus on Formats

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