Previous Keynote Speakers


Charlie Henniker, Head of Film Production, The LEGO Agency
Session: 10 Ways to Diversify & Inclusify Your Life

Trista Patterson, Director, New Media Lab, GRID-Arendal
Session: How Video Games Can Deliver for People and the Environment

René Rechtman, CEO of Moonbug Entertainment & Co-founder of RFRSH
Session: Developing and Scaling to Global Impact – The Potential of E-Sport

Henry Ajder, Head of Communication & Research Analysis, Deeptrace
Session: From Deepfake to Deeptrace

Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games
Session: Games Built on Entertainment Franchise

George Wyndham, Writer & Editor, Contagious
Session: Contagious’ Advice for the Next Decade

Payne Lindsey & Donald Albright, Founder & Executive Producers, Up and Vanished
From Podcast to Broadcast

Jakob Trollbäck, Founder & Executive Creative Director, The New Division
Session: Branding the UN Goals to 7 Billion People – Shaping Tomorrow’s Standards for Sustainable Business

Sander Schwartz, Head of Animation, SYBO
Session: Universe Building – Adaptation of Television & Film into Gaming 

Budjette Tan, Creative Storyteller, TRESE
Session: Monster Creative

Vilde Schanke Sundet, PhD & Media and Communication Researcher, University of Oslo
Session: ‘The Second Wave’ – The Development of Real-Time Online Drama

Ingjerd Østrem Omland, Head of TV & Series, P3 NRK
Session: Meet the Nordic Drama Bosses

Petter Bragée, Head of Children’s & Entertainment, Swedish Television Malmö
Session: Meet the Nordic Drama Bosses

Nina Barbosa Blad, Producer & Tord Kinge, Actor, Nudes, NRK
Session: Preview and Talk: Nudes – What Can We Learn from the Norwegian Success?

Sanne Övermark & Stefan H. Lindén, Producers, Eagles, SVT
Session: Sneak Peek and Talk: Eagles II

Jon Iver Helgaker & Jonas Torgersen, Creators, Norsemen, Netflix
Session: Norsemen: Monty Python Meets Game of Thrones

Hyppe Salmi, Executive Producer, Drama, YLE
Session: Producing Fiction to Instagram – NOFILTER & Karma

Anne Bjørnstad, Creator, Beforeigners, HBO Nordic
Session: Beforeigners, Producing Nordic Drama for HBO


Mr. Bingo, Illustrator, Artist & Speaker

Saar Friedman, Partner & Creative Director, OPEN

Matthieu Lorrain, Head of Creative Innovation, Google

Christian Potalivo & Jannik Tai Mosholt, The Rain, Netflix

Hollie McNish, Poet, Author & Spoken Word Artist

Khalid Albaih, Artist & Political Cartoonist

Mauricio Ruiz, Creative Technology Director, Grey, NY

David Shing, Digital Prophet, OATH

Patrick Bulger, Head of Editorial Video, Vox Media

Vilde Schanke Sundet, Researcher, Film and Television Studies, Inland Norway University

Julie Andem, Creator, Writer & Director, SKAM, NRK

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