MOODY aka Josefine Moody is a young producer/singer/songwriter who first rose to prominence with her debut EP ‘Golden Souls’ in 2016. Less than a year later, she went on to become one of the 3 winners of KarriereKanonen 2017, an annual competition for upcoming music acts, thereby joining the ranks of previous winners such as The Minds of 99, Magtens Korridorer and Djämes Braun.

A true natural

What’s perhaps most impressive about MOODY’s success is the fact that she’s accomplished it all without any real background in music – she simply downloaded a music program in 2016 and made her own music straight from the soul:

“I could make whatever I wanted to. That’s awesome! I don’t really have any musical background, and I think that made it all easier, since I just would listen to what sounded the best to me. In a way, the music came from deep inside my soul. And it’s just a fucking awesome feeling to create something yourself. From the bottom. I will never get tired of that.”

MOODY’s music is a mix of electronic pop and sexy R&B, while her lyrics are full of youthful ecstasy and alcoholic feelings that you can’t help but get captivated by. So when MOODY comes to perform her singles ‘Karma’ and ‘Taboo’, you’re not gonna want to miss out!