Den Sorte Skole (English: “The Black School”) is a sample-based producer duo from Denmark made up of Simon Dokkedal and Martin Højland. They have garnered international recognition for pushing the envelope in terms of audiovisual performances that celebrate cultural differences and often incorporate choirs, live musicians, visual artistry – and of course samplers and turntables. Last year they were awarded with the Crown Prince Couple’s Cultural Award, one of the most prestigious awards in Denmark.

Musical wizardry (with support from Hackstage)

Den Sorte Skole is teaming up with Hackstage – a collective of multi media artists, VJ’s and designers – in order to create a visually spectacular show that is tailor-made for the raw and industrial Sydhavnen. To quote Martin Højland, one part of the duo: “We are so excited about playing at this. We will be going back to one of the School’s original virtues — which is concerts with super much energy and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. At this. we’ll also have Hackstage with us, so you can expect a pretty crazy trip all-around.”

Den Sorte Skole’s concert at this. will be their only second festival appearance this year. And judging from their first one, which Ekstra Bladet gave 5 stars and called their “perhaps most festive and extroverted concert ever”, we have a lot to look forward to!