this. takes place in Filmby Aarhus, Turbinehallen, and Øst for Paradis.

this.series takes place at various locations – in Filmby Aarhus’ Studio 1 and in the iconic cinema, Øst for Paradis.

Filmby Aarhus

Filmby Aarhus is the centre for film and media production in Jutland. 80 companies and hundreds of creative heads work side by side. The aim is to boost the development of media and to highlight the city’s cultural forces through film and media production.

Filmby Aarhus is placed in raw and industrial surroundings on the South Harbour. The South Harbour with its harbour area and old meatpacking district is still a diamond in the rough with lots of young and creative energy continually moving in.

Address: Filmby Aarhus, Filmbyen 21, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Website: www.filmbyaarhus.dk

Øst for Paradis

The iconic Aarhus cinema was founded in 1978 for the primary purpose of showing movies that didn’t find their way to the other cinemas in Aarhus. That’s still the case.

Visit the cinema and experience the special and cool vibe while you watch a carefully selected movie that you probably won’t see anywhere else in Aarhus.

Øst for Paradis will host this.series.

Address: Paradisgade 7-9, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Website: www.paradisbio.dk


Turbinehallen was built in 1900 and designed by architect Fritz Koch who also designed the original Langelinie Pavilion and the famous octagonal Copenhagen telephone booths.

The charm and size of Turbinehallen, the characteristic decorations and the very special atmosphere come together to add another dimension to events hosted here.

Turbinehallen will be the venue for the afterparty and will also act as a lounge area for the participants of this.conference.

Address: Filmbyen 19, 8000 Aarhus C

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