About this.

What is this.

this. digs deep into the Future of Digital Storytelling and Audience Engagement.

this. focuses on the future of storytelling in a digital age within areas such as media, branding, gaming, series, film, TV, and innovative business.

this. unites creative professionals from different industries to discuss the challenges of tomorrow and how to raise the bar for digital visual content.

this.conference is for

creatives who work professionally with storytelling and digital narrative formats as well as talents who want to obtain skills that will enable them to solve the challenges of tomorrow.


this. is happening on the South Harbour in Aarhus as well as at the iconic cinema Øst for Paradis. 

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city with a population size of around 350,000. It is known for its architecture, mix of world-class cuisine, nice art galleries, and its laid-back atmosphere. Everything can be reached by foot, making Aarhus a perfect destination for a three-day getaway. 

We suggest you read this really nice guide CNN has made about Aarhus

Testimonials this.2019

“Great and important vision to create a festival for creative digital storytelling, love the idea of combining TV & game.”

“Thanks a lot for making this excellent, international, creative, innovative standard of a conference in Denmark.”

“Love it being in Aarhus, don’t move it to Copenhagen.”

“Great initiative focusing on series, which for a lot of people is a great time-consumer and passion. Nice width, perspectives, and level. I’ll be back.”


Felicia Jackson

Head of Festival & Contact this.2020 & Aarhus Seriefestival

+45 28 30 90 91

More info

Ronnie Fridthjof

General Manager, Filmby Aarhus


Ronni Madsen

Vice President, M2

+45 29 68 49 07

Susan Marie Petersen

Project Assistant

+45 41 85 40 55

Astrid Katholm Knudsen

Project Assistant

+45 41 89 08 19

Lone Asgaard

Project Coordinator

+45 70 21 40 20

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