Creativity World Forum 2017 is about the how to and those specks of stardust that make creativity work. Whether it be creativity in business, public service, academia or the creative industries, this call goes out to you!

We want to shine a light on the people who grapple with creativity in the real world every day –  and give them the opportunity to tap into the international crowd of creativity movers and shakers that the forum brings together every year. For that, we have dedicated a solid block in the programme – so first up make a big cross in the calendar on 1 – 2 November 2017.

Secondly, ponder whether your work, idea or experience answers one of the three challenges:

People: How to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit?
Enterprise: How to make room for skills and competencies?
City: How to transform city heritage into a city of opportunity?

Still nodding? Still with us? Amazing!
We want to cater for a diverse expression of creativity at the forum, so our call goes out on three levels. Now have your pick:

Call for resident practitioner

This is the call for a creative practitioner to reside in Aarhus a month and create a context specific piece of work. You might have heard of “residency” is in the arts, and we want to open it up to creative practitioners of all sorts and tie it in with the conference. If this is what you are looking for, we are looking for you.
The call for a resident practitioner is now closed (deadline 14 May)

Call for contributions

This is for all you fab practitioners out there. The traditional version of this would be a workshop breakout session kind of thing, which we welcome. Yet we are equally excited to see answers to either of the challenges with architectural model building, a guided tour, collaborative writing, co-creating an in-situ performance or or or… The format can be as creative as the subject and we are open for all feasible contributions.
The call for contributions is now closed (deadline 1 April)

Call for papers

The good ol’ academic way of sharing hardy work and brilliant brainwaves. We are working in partnership with Aarhus University on this call and encourage both trinkets of wisdom from acclaimed academics, fresh perspective from graduates and everything in between.
The call for papers is now closed (deadline 22 March)


Put simple: Answer either of the challenges, engage delegates and crowdsource ideas from the international best!

If you have any queries, please contact

Want to join?

We want to shine a light on the people who grapple with creativity in the real world.

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact Alice:

Alice Holmberg
+45 5055 5896

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