Want to meet the locals who have gone global? Check-in here!
Aarhusian started furniture firm Bolia invites in to a feinschmecker session. They will share their work with “commercial creativity”, brand purpose and how creativity sieves through strategy and design, communication and collaborations. And they walk the walk as they talk the talk, Lars Samuelsen from the creative agency Uncle Grey and Bolia will unveil how organisations can develop collaboratively – using creativity for mutual benefit. You can see some of the result, give your feedback – and enjoy what they promise is the best coffee in town!

The Value of Creativity

In a world that is eschewing traditional doctrines of marketing and brands are finding it difficult to create meaningful connections with an increasingly skeptical audience, some companies are leveraging new forms of creativity to break through the clutter.
In a desperate attempt to battle media saturation and ad-blocking, innovative companies are starting to develop “Commercial Creativity” to amplify their brand purpose while at the same time implementing the full range of digital capabilities in their marketing strategy.

Bolia and Uncle Grey will take you through how the extensive usage of creativity can transform the marketing discipline and transform the way we perceive everyday life and commodities.

With a focus on “Cultural Ambition,” these trailblazers are leveraging creativity to solve business problems and proving that creativity is still the most valuable asset to engage consumers and cultivate lasting relationships.

After the session in Centralværkstedet, we’ll continue to Bolia where you’ll get to see a full-blown example on how creativity can be unfolded in a design universe. You’ll experience a live Bolia sofa session, be taken on a journey through the Bolia universe, and get the chance to network with your peers in a creative enviro