Companies are not what they used to be. The nature of enterprise and work itself is going through a transformative shift, driven by mindful millennials who know they can have their cake and eat it too. When you can work at the office laying in a hammock, when the graffiti artist who got paid in stock at the time Facebook had no cash makes more than most CEOs, and when people make money – and friends – by opening up their homes to strangers, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to the world of the creative enterprise, where the 24/7 innovation cycle never stops.

Learn from Innovation Lab how artists are amongst the best positioned to reap the benefits of the new ways of organizing. We will show you how the new formats of innovation – from making AI work for you, to crowdfunding your next project to incubating your business partner – al work in your favor.

Using the new innovation formats to take your art to the world

Today’s popular idea of design thinking was not created by business. Design thinking is defined as the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success. Sounds familiar? Successful artists have been using the empathy, creativity and rationality formula for millennia, business is just catching up. This means the mind of the creative individual is exactly what makes the companies to the present – from Snapchat to AirBnB to Tesla – take over their monolithic and dying counterparts in just a handful of years.

In this session we will demystify AI to show you how it can work for you. We will also explore the new formats of innovation – the same ones these companies use – that are easily available to the artist, such as crowdfunding, incubation and hacking your way into the business world.

Our two speakers, JC and Mark are friends since college and started together Softcoin, a Silicon Valley startup who preceded bitcoin by ten years and was sold in 2012.

JC Velten
Serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and expert storyteller teaches students at Stanford, tech startups and big organizations how to hack their way into rapid prototyping.

Mark Bunger
Director of Research at Lux Research, explores the edges of technology to find practical applications in fields such as AI, iOT, 3-D printing and big data.