Is storytelling just your thing?
Ever wonder how media does work with engagement in stories?
How about siding with insider insights from the industry best!

In this session, you will hear from the four corners of storytelling: A national TV channel – TV2, a museum – Moesgaard Museum, an international film company – M2Film and the needs-no-further-introduction – LEGO.
Think entertainment, advertising, public service tv and exhibitions.
Think creativity, experiences, impact and culture development.


The world is changing and so are the boundaries for engaged storytelling.

In the wake of that, many industries face the same challenge:
• How to capture and engage an audience with an attention span of seven seconds – both online, on TV and in the physical world?
• How to tell stories that really resonate with the audience?
• How to create meaningful experiences in a modern maze of endless opportunities and competition?
• How to stay relevant and accomplish what you’ve set out to achieve?

Four leaders and professionals representing different industries, disciplines and functions will take part in this breakout session. The speakers will share insights from entertainment, advertising, the public service domain and innovative museum exhibitions. They will take turns to shed light on different ways in which you can creatively use storytelling to communicate messages, create unique experiences, share information, impact your audience and develop culture.

In this session you will learn about:
• Basic insights behind the creative process of telling relevant stories in relevant contexts
• The cultural importance of storytelling and its fundamental potential to reveal and explore core human virtues
• The challenges of communicating stories digitally and utilising different online platforms
• How storytelling can be used to provide controlled in-person experiences unique to individual exhibits

Are you interested in stories?
We want to tell you stories, we aim to show you stories – and we hope to inspire you!

Pauline Asingh, Chief Curator at Moesgaard Museum, a modern museum dedicated to archaeology and ethnography. Pauline was deeply involved in the process of creating the new Moesgaard Museum inaugurated in 2014 and continues to oversee the installation of new exhibitions that challenge and redefine the traditional museum experience.

Ulrik Feldskov Juul, LEGO. Creative Director, CMA, Global Campaigns. Ulrik heads up a variety of creative teams that are all aiming to create engaging campaigns that will support the overall LEGO mission to “develop the builders of tomorrow” and reach 300 mil kids around the globe by 2032.

Sune Roland, Head of Channels at TV 2Networks, the company responsible for all programmes and content produced for TV2 ZULU, TV2 CHARLIE, TV2 FRI & TV2 PLAY. Overseeing both linear channels and content and brand for TV2’s streaming service, Sune will shed a light on how TV2 is coping with the digital transformation as a 30-year-old broadcast institution while keeping users engaged.

Ronni Madsen, Vice President of M2Film, a full-service provider of award-winning commercials and creative content for all platforms. Ronni helps corporate and cultural institutions navigate in today’s digital storytelling landscape where advertising becomes entertainment and merges with cultural movements and phenomena to create meaningful impact.

The session is curated by M2Film and will take place at their headquarters.

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