Do you have a creative mindset with a fantastic idea but no solution about how to finance it? Are you bored by the many technological innovations but you feel that design is equally important? This breakout session debates and shows you how to bring your idea to life!
Be part of the debate with Lifestyle and Design Cluster to discuss how to melt down barriers between creative start-ups and funding! It is your chance to bring your business alive!

How to get more smart funding for creative entrepreneurs?

Tech startups attracts millions and millions from investors, meanwhile creative lifestyle and design startups are overlooked by investors, in spite of their high level of innovation and the Nordics indisputable reputation in lifestyle and design.
We want to boost our international reputation of nordic design by debating how to bring down the barriers between creative start-ups and funding, to make it an attractive business case between entrepreneur and investor. Attending this break-session we invite you to develop new methods, share experiences and
nourish alternatives such as crowdfunding.

What is needed to improve the highly creative Nordic lifestyle and design startups chances of redeeming their impressive potential and creating Nordic growth? New mindsets from investors or creative entrepreneurs, more design thinking, high-end mentorship programs or tighter collaborations with established corporates?

We invite you to take part in making Lifestyle and Design the next entrepreneurial wave from the Nordics!


We partnered with several organisations, such as ModeInk, Nääs Konsthantverk, Arkitektskolen in Aarhus, Dokk16 and Headstart Fashion.