Are you sometimes stuck in your thoughts, in your work and you feel you need some new inspiration? The Scandinavian Design College invites you to attend to short talks from influential people across the creative industry. Sit down, relax and listen. Feel the energy of those individuals and be intrigued by their potentials. Stay curious and be open for “aha” – moments which might change the way for you of doing things.
(Note: the session will be in Danish)

Serendipity moments sparked through creativity

Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole (The Scandinavian Design College) wants to draw attention on design, architecture and innovation by inviting a number of both new and experienced designers and architects to talk about creativity and innovation. Through short and intense talks you will experience a wide variety of professionals whom will share their view on the subject. Join this event and you will hear powerful architects, fashion designers, developers, product designers, ideas creators share important points. Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole wants to share and inspire, so besides the participants of Creativity World Forum there will be high school students and design students in the audience.

Each speaker will take the stage for 15 min, which also includes a short q&a with the audience and host Adrian Hughes. After the talks, there will be opportunity to mingle and Claus Høxbroe will create a casual atmosphere with “Spokenwords”.

Leading up to the event, the speakers will be announced on the facebook event and designovate.dk

The Scandinavian Design College is a danish folkehøjskole that provides an extremely strong foundation in the creative field of work. The school has four majored design disciplines; Graphic Design, Fashion & Textile Design, Furniture, Interior & Product Design and Architecture & Urban Design. An intense experience with immersion, inspiration, tools and design thinking – take a look at www.designhojskolen.dk.


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