Have you ever paid attention to the small things in life? Those little things which we take for granted, like water? In a world with fast growing populations and urbanisation, sustainable water systems become increasingly important. This breakout session takes you behind the scene. Join Aarhus Water to learn, see and experience how to make water a nice, convenient and mundane commodity!

ReWater - Join Aarhus Water in building the future of urban water

Aarhus is a city where you are never far from the water, not only the whole city flank to the east, but also in the very atmospheric canals that flow through the cityscape. Together with the waterways that run in every city, this is taken care of by Aarhus Water. Aarhus Water already runs a state of the art treatment plant in Aarhus, it doesn’t only have zero-impact, but a positive impact in that it produces energy or cleanses water without washing out chemicals.

Now Aarhus Water has raised the bar even higher. During the next decade, we are developing and building the next generation of water treatment plants with Marselisborg ReWater. Here the aim is to also to be an activity centre for the whole city and a good neighbour in the local area – and of course keep up the good stuff on treating waste water and producing energy for Aarhus.

Talking about transforming city heritage into a city of opportunities, we say move over smelly water treatment – move in neighbours and friends!

Co-creating community engagement around water

In this session, a strong team from Aarhus Water gives an exceptional view into the play between city and water, open honestly for the real life challenge in this transformation from necessity to experience. We invite you to join us in this working session where we will be exploring the link between water, community engagement, our senses and physical dimensions such as space and location. We will set the scene, we will inspire and provoke you, we will stimulate your senses and we will be there to guide you, but most of all listen to and watch you unfold your ideas.

Think water utility at the interface between community engagement, sustainability, and waste water treatment.
Think innovation and the interchangeable relationship between society and water, and people and water,
Think becoming a ‘Water Experience’ where water related possibilities and challenges are taught, sensed, and perceived”
Think being a good neighbour by creating value, opening and sharing.

At the session, you will meet the masterminds from Aarhus Water, among whom we can mention:
Karsten Lumbye Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer
Inge H Jensen, Head of General Planning & ReWater Project Responsible
Karina Topp, Head of Department & Innovation Strategy Execution Responsible
Janni Thusgaard Pedersen, Business developer – New Biz
Peter Hjortdal, Head of Department, New Projects