“We strive to empower each other to take action in our everyday lives – and hence our strength, authority and responsibility as political actors, not only as consumers”.
Are those thoughts not new for you? You feel the energy, the strive to change something? Join this fantastic opportunity with Sager der Samler and learn how to revitalize democracy!

Rethink Activism

We revitalize democracy and connect it to everyday life.
And we do that by creating a new narrative about what it means to be a citizen – one that gives focus to a growing capacity for action.

The main vehicles in the project are a platform for \’everyday activism\’ and the \’Rethink Activism\’ festival. Both are communicating concrete stories and examples of citizen initiated change. Thereby we highlight the activism of our time as a movement, which defies passivity and replaces confrontation with creativity and collaboration. The result is a new feeling of ownership to the development of the city and a new sense of courage to take action and start building the solutions that are missing.

The session will focus on strengthening the momentum of the project through communication and storytelling. We are looking to strengthen the impact we can have through social media, through traditional media and through people to people interactions.

Paul Natorp, co-founder Sager der Samler, project director Rethink Activism