We are living in constant flux. Political, economic, environmental uncertainties force us to rethink how we can make society more equitable, innovative and fair. Inclusivity and diversity are the keywords! But how can we approach the most challenging problems our time? What methods truly work? Join this session with !drop, become two steps ahead of upcoming problems and help to design better futures by putting the human first!

What drives you, gives you energy?

Experience how to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit, striving for positive change!

During our workshop, we’ll guide you fast forward through the process of human centered design in social innovation. Passing the three stages: inspiration, ideation and implementation. We’ll focus on one specific challenge: “Diversity & Inclusivity in Changing Societies.” How to use your energy to foster exchange and connectivity?

It will be fun and serious,
Crazy and energetic,
Interactive with room for refelction,
On personal and societal level.

Who’s !DROPS?
!DROPS is a social innovation agency based in Ghent, Belgium. In close cooperations with organisations (profit and non-pofit), we create innovative solutions for any societal challenges. Always with a focus on people and results. We see art, craft & digital skill building as tools for social change.

Stimulate people in a positive way. Believe in the power of human co-creation and positive energy. Have result. This is what we do.