What do the Spanish and the Dutch have in common?
If you want to know the answer to that, join this session!
But we can already reveal that it has to do with using storytelling creatively in cities, cleverly being able to understand the impact and develop longer and shorter term simultaneously.
Its Barcelona and Breda on the same bill, come hear their stories on storytelling.

Designing City Opportunities from Impactful Stories

Come and play a game with us to make stories, connect creatively and design meaningful opportunities for your cities with maximum impact. Use your
heritage and creativity to expand your urban design universe and story world. During this interactive session we’ll be sharing insights into how we do this –
collecting stories about urban heritage experiences and connecting creatives – to maximise impact.

The City of Breda and District of Creativity Catalunya have joined forces to challenge your creativity and get your hands dirty. To celebrate. And enjoy creativity!

A prosperous city thrives on creative individuals connecting and bringing forth real impact – like social inclusion and increased economic growth. With at its base a cloud of stories as the fundamental building block for all connections. Using a gameplay of Rory’s Story CubesⓇ we’ll engage you to connect, learn and inspire: co-creating new stories will build understanding with your neighbours and together you will explore opportunities to enhance your cities’ creative resilience and potential, its storyworld and brand, its quality of life.

So how do we show the actual impact to our stakeholders? And how do we connect them?
By using the approach of participatory narrative inquiry we believe we have found a way to do so. In this session, you will gain an insight into a Dutch and a Spanish perspective and be able to engage and interact with the people working with narratives, city and impact everyday.

Jeroen Wilms be sharing live impact data from an on-going impact assessment project in the City of Breda and walk you through how we have come understand the impact of heritage and show it to the world. How what is happening is changing lives. And how it actively helps the City of Breda maximise the social cultural and economical impact of its heritage and
valorise this work to its stakeholders – safeguarding a fundamental feeding ground for creative resilience and social inclusion.
And while that might seem dry, it is really not. It is exhilarating and intriguing to be qualitatively quantifying real world behavioural changes through creativity.

Bibiana Ballbè shows how she has transformed the creative community in Catalunya and Barcelona through her work on and how that has generated impact. has built a network of individuals driving the creative inclusion on a city-wide level and generating impact across the creative industries benefiting the whole region.

The session will be enhanced with a surprising narrative and entertainment experiences to enjoy and relax. So you can process. And most of all, enjoy being creative!