How can we become a better life-long learners?
Can creativity as everyday practice in all learning environments ensure that we will stay curious throughout our lifes? In this session, a creative, a researcher and a lecturer from VIA Campus will share their insights in both theory and practice. So you will learn how to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit, whilst you cultivate and nurture your creative spirit.
Join this session to try “Plug & Play” – and get it as a take-away!

”All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” Pablo Picasso

We will explore the postulate or fact that creativity is for everyone, creativity can be learned in our everyday life and everyone is born with a natural streak of creativity. Children are the best example of this. They have a natural curiosity, which is a key factor of creativity, they play in just about everything they do. The paradox of contemporary life is that often growing up (and going to school) makes us to de-learn this effortless creativity, whilst the world demands students who can think creatively and critically. Could we INSTEAD create creativity as an everyday practice in all learning environments?

In this session, VIA Campus will lay out and open for a workshop around their mission to ensure that the next generation will be full of inventors, musicians, painters, mathematicians who in turn will bring humanity to another level.
So the question is – how do we nurture and cultivate a creative spirit?

The workshop will be a hands on experience with creativity as an everyday practice.

During this 3-hour workshop you will explore, the meaning of being creative, and how you can nurture and cultivate the natural creative spirit of the next generation. You will be introduced to some of the initiatives taken at VIA to nurture and cultivate creativity and meet a young entrepreneur, Cecilie, who is the founder of The Pupils Academy. She has the aim to help and lead children through better learning processes based on creativity. Her experience is that the children learn more – and stay happier while learning.
In the workshop you will experience some of the methods, Cecilie uses with children – for example building with LEGO. We will discuss the methods in the light of new learning theory.

The workshop is designed as “plug & play” the methods for using in your own work. You can expect to leave the workshop with new methods, tools and perspectives on creative learning environment.

Cecilie Rask, Rikke Johannesen and Vivienne Ming.