How to become someone, not something?
The iconic ARoS museum is bang in the middle of Aarhus. Over the last decade, ARoS has transformed itself to the absolute must-visit it is today, through both innovative programming and expressive architecture.
This session offers a rare backstage view to their awe-inspiring public programme. Here, you are meet a variety of excitement: You will get a tour and a chance to try out for yourselves, the amazing team behind the public programme will share their insights and open up for the creative challenges they face in their work.

Join this session to challenge the status quo of cultural institutions – but also to challenge yourself. Become someone, not something!

Let's innovate cultural institutions!

In October 2016 ARoS Aarhus Art Museum – one of Europe’s largest art museums situated in the heart of Aarhus – opened their latest project: ARoS Public.

ARoS Public is a modern community center which occupies a new floor at ARoS with workshops, an artist-in-residence studio. Here, artists can work for periods of varying duration. It holds a salon, three studios, an auditorium, and three digital stations: Blikfanger (Eye Tracker), Portrætmaskinen (Portrait Machine), and Kommentatorboksen (Recording Booth).

In this session, you get first introduced to ARoS Public and its three digital stations. While being engaged in the museum’s way to innovate, it is also your turn to get challenged to rethink what a modern art museum is and should be.

After a short introduction, it is time to get active! Join an artist from the artist in residency program to deliberate, discuss and come up with solutions what it takes for modern cultural institutions, like an art museum, to be involved, engaged and to contribute to the surrounding city and its inhabitants. It adds to the question what (possible) role does cultural institutions play in the city?