Every company in the world can become an innovation leader – and we are here to prove it.
Join Designit and SAS, as we explore how to infuse creativity into enterprises and turn business upside down. Drawing on Designit’s experience with innovating the world’s largest brands and SAS’s recent business transformation, we will share how innovation tools and creativity can solve business challenges and truly impact enterprises.

Change the way we do business. Now.

Consumer demands and market opportunities change at extreme pace. It is crucial for everyone to stay on top of their game – this is however, much easier said than done.

How do you challenge status quo? How do you enable change across an entire organisation? How do you stay proactive towards ever-changing market trends and consumer needs?

These are some of the questions, Designit and SAS will answer in a unique break-out session, that will teach you how to infuse and cultivate innovative ways of working. While Designit innovates for the world’s largest brands, SAS has managed to turn their business around by changing their entire physical and digital service offering. Now, we’ve joined forces to share insider tips.

In a four-hour session (with great lunch included), we will inspire and empower you to challenge how you do business and how you start to innovate. First off, you will get to join an inspirational panel debate led by Gustaf Öholm, Head of Onboard Product & Services at SAS and Chris Mansson, Strategic Design Director from Designit Stockholm. Following this, you will be joining groups of people with the same innovation interests as yourself. Designit’s team of experts will facilitate discussions and bring you up to date with the latest trends pertaining to your industry. Based on these you will work with concrete tools for innovation and solve exciting challenges. We guarantee that you will leave with new inspiration – and new skills.

Join us and learn how to keep creativity alive throughout.

Who are we?
Since the beginning in Aarhus in 1991, Designit has grown to be one of Europe’s leading design firms, designing products, services and identities for local and global brands across a variety of industries, including retail, aviation, banking, healthcare and the public sector.

SAS has been an industry leader in aviation for decades and through a profoundly user-driven approach to innovation, they have recently managed to turn around their business and entire brand experience. New service concepts in brand-new cabins, supported by highly personalized digital platforms are only the beginning of a new chapter in the SAS legacy.