What are the different roles of key players (enterprise, academics, creative practitioners, etc.) in creating desired future states? How do we bridge the gaps and how can we rethink the interactions and relationships? Join Filmby Aarhus to explore and critically engage with a more holistic approach through three different workshops. Tom Kelley will set the stage and will introduce you to the next level of policy making within the creative industries. Join here to challenge the status quo!

IF / THEN - Desired future state of Creative Enterprises.

This breakout session aims to function as a ‘critical friend’ for the key players and supportive roles (enterprises, policy organisations, academics, creative practitioners, CEOs, etc.) while building capacity within the creative industries.

Reflecting on the key challenges and opportunities that lie beyond the practical difficulties and possible rewards of each collaboration, the workshop will challenge the next step of a desired future state by suggesting a more holistic approach using Quattro Helix. The Quattro Helix approach brings together the main protagonists of innovation processes, namely public policy, higher education, creative industries, and communities to accelerate the impact of innovation results to the regional growth. There is a critical demand for “third spaces” – bridging sectors (and curriculums) and reaching beyond the boundaries; in other words: rethinking the interaction and relationship between the key players and supporting roles.

But who are the key players and are we making the same “movie”? This session provides creative talent people – from different incubators situated in Central Denmark Region (digital visual industries) as a target group for the journey. Tom Kelley is our key speaker, but you as participants are the true stars of the day! Through 3 workshops you will take an active part in providing a framework and recommendations for future communities within the creative industries and enterprises.

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