Creative industries are becoming increasingly attractive engines of profit and growth.
And where creativity sparks innovation is just around the corner. But how do we create the condition for creativity across society and industry?
Join this breakout session to take part in awe-inspiring talks, debates and contribute with your insights to make a More Creative Denmark real across all sectors.
Even better, become an Agent of Change!

Creative business and policy. How to make room for creative skills and competencies?

The creative industries are generating jobs and growth around the world, but more importantly, they are also important drivers of innovation in other sectors such as urban planning, health care, education and more. We will facilitate a seminar with case stories and discussions that tackles the question of how to get the most of our creative potential as a society. How do we make better room for creative skills and competencies? Our session will target private and public decision makers, influencers and entrepreneurs as well as creative professionals and academia.

The session will feature an inspiring case story from the Danish animation company Visikon followed by practical and academic insights from Tue Juelsbo, Head Of Development – Education at Mannaz and phd. at Aalborg University. Together we will discover how to create the optimal framework conditions for creativity to thrive across the economy. We wish to draw upon the delegates’ insights and experiences in our continued efforts to develop a More Creative Denmark. At the same time we wish to inspire the delegates and show them new perspectives on creative skills and services as a societal and economic driver.

Who are the organisers?
More Creative is an ambitious, strategic initiative dedicated to stimulating growth and jobs by developing the creative industries of the Central Denmark Region. More Creative is lead by Central Denmark Region in partnership with Aarhus 2017 to make Denmark
a global player in the creative economy. It is our belief that the creative economy is the economy of the future because the creative industries hold the solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. More Creative is operated by Seismonaut and Business Development Centre, Central Denmark (Væksthus Midtjylland).

The facilitators are Anna Porse Nielsen, Managing Director and co-founder of Seismonaut and Andreas Linnet Jessen, Senior advisor, Seismonaut.