Attention! If anyone knows where enterprises are heading, it is our speaker Sissel Hansen, founder of the “Start-up Guide” series. In this session, Sissel Hansen herself will guide you through a thorough and vivid presentation on the future trends and critical challenges of startup demands. You will have the chance to broaden your knowledge about the start-up community, make the connection with other like-minded people and co-create the start-up guide of tomorrow! Are you ready to start? After this session, nothing will hold you back!

We challenge you to create the startup guide of the future!

Leading entrepreneurial network company Startup Guide have published 16 hands on book releases about startup environments with London, Telv Aviv, Paris & Aarhus on the shortlist. The fundamental idea behind the startup is to give people worldwide an in-depth overview of the given startup community and with this providing insider tips, tricks and crucial insights. Startup Guide founder Sissel Hansen will give an in-depth & vivid presentation on the key characteristics & trends of the future startup demands & spill the beans on their entrepreneurial field knowledge.

Startup Guide will expand their scope & invite you to participate in a future breakout session focusing on the similarities & differences within startup communities globally & how CWF participants creative thoughts can co-create the startup guide of tomorrow.

What will be the overall headliners, what should big companies learn from startups and how do we build environments which foster truly creative ideas & growth?

“Startup Guides” have been published for several cities; starting with Berlin, then Aarhus, Copenhagen, Lisbon – and counting. The “Startup Guide” to a city gathers insights from the startup scene and serves as an enabler for entrepreneurs new to the city who are planning to set up shop.

The Startup Guide team say about themselves that the guides are tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts. Yet they have a way of bringing out their stories to life with full texture and local spice that you would have a heart of stone if you do not find yourself (at least) an enthusiast after browsing through any of the guides.