The Districts of Creativity from Baden-Württemberg and Brabrant invite you to think wider than yourself and join them on combining creativity and empathy.
This Dutch-German team will guide you through a session with art, performance and discussions for your creative spirit.
Does that sound exciting to you, and would you like to get comfortable with virtual reality, un-selfies, purpose economy and social design, then this is yours!

Let’s set the right tone and make some music!

Here’s a challenge to all of you creative thinkers and do-ers out there: join this session of Districts of Creativity Brabant (NL) and Baden-Württemberg (D) and work with us on creative, crazy or even insane dreams, ideas and solutions to boost the involvement of citizens in less socially resilient situations.

How can we unleash the capabilities and creativeness of people in our own neighbourhood: that woman with dementia in our street, that Syrian boy in the class of our children, our friend with Multiple Sclerosis who lost her job…. What can we do to empower and activate them? How to stimulate and nurture their creativity and knowledge so as to benefit from their meaningful contributions to society?

How to bring social innovators with their creative and passionate spirits together with people who are for instance long-term unemployed, or in any other way in challenged or difficult positions? And refugees, how can they be involved? How can we organise collaborative initiatives more on the basis of reciprocity and creating mutual benefits? Composing a powerful piece of music where every voice has its own tone?

We will explore possible solutions in the movement of the purpose economy and social entrepreneurship. Discover the creativeness and innovative power of social designers and small local initiatives. And challenge government institutions to be creative and take up their role in a more personal way. What is the ideal context to do this? Can we make changes – however small these might be – to our approaches or procedures so that we can find and implement the right – and effective – solutions?

We will invite you to participate in our ‘Un-selfie Project’ and will make use of Virtual Reality to involve people in a vulnerable situation and learn from their creative ideas.
Changemakers (from educational institutes, (local) governments, entrepreneurs, the creative sector and the arts will show that cooperation from different perspectives and backgrounds can lead to feasible solutions for societal challenges. Their powerful engagement will kick-start our session.
Our session will fuel your creative spirits with engaging discussions and heart-warming statements, using the power of art and performance. After all, c’est le ton qui fait la musique! Let’s set the right tone and make some music!