What does a knowledge detective, a conceptualiser, a jester and a gardener have in common? They all contribute to innovation processes. And so do these fabulous chaps from Copenhagen, Næstved and Vejle!
They are a group of experienced facilitators and game designers called “Brilliant Innovation”. In this session, you get to try their state of the art innovation game. Brilliant Innovation share their insights and engage you through this facilitated learning and reflection experience in fun and inspiring ways.
Join this workshop for theory and practise on innovation, games and learning.


We want to inspire you to better innovation!

Interested in better innovation processes? Believe in hands-on innovative competence development? All for stimulating an innovative climate in your organisation?
How about exploring what a knowledge detective, a jester, a conceptualiser and a gardener can do to help you boost your and your organisation’s innovative capacity? Through a fun and interactive board game, you familiarise yourself with four leadership roles essential in the early stages of the innovation process.

The Innovation Diamond Learning Game
The knowledge detective helps you gather and make sense of the information and knowledge you need for innovating. The Jester challenges what you think you know and flips your knowledge upside down. Conceptualising helps you and your innovation team create common ground and the Gardener creates a fertile innovative climate and enables competences to flourish.
The Innovation Diamond Learning Game is a spin-off of the Master of Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems and is designed to add value to “messy” and complex innovative processes. The game draws on a sound theoretical framework and it is facilitated by experienced facilitators to enhance your learning experience.

Through a number of engaging and fun tasks you unfold your innovative focus point and thereby learn the strength of using the four different leadership roles when innovating.
When you attend our workshop you will be introduced to and get hand-on experience with four essential leadership roles and you will get new tools and competences to boost your organisation’s innovative capacity. As one participant once said: “The Innovation Diamond Learning Game is a simple but inspiring organisational tool that contributes to individual and collective reflection about innovative processes in the organisation”.

Join this session to be inspired too!

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