Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is often the sustainability mantra. Join this session to go a step further: Re-design.
Yes, you can (re-)design! Especially when you are guided by Aarhus’ finest line-up of a fashion designer, a performance specialist and a great group of students from VIA Campus C’s fashion line to help out with some of the practical details.
If you want to nurture your creative spirit and get inspired to walk the walk as you talk the talk, this is the session for you.

Design-Redesign: Catwalk as a pedagogical tool

This session gives you the chance to nurture your own creative spirit, whilst thinking about sustainability and fashion.

Working more sustainably includes teaching technics and providing ourselves with tools to recycle used materials in a creative process, where we develop different ways of transforming used artifacts into new trends and movements from the fashion world and into the pedagogical work field.

That is what we will both do and discuss in this session. You will be immersed in a mix of designmethods, fashion, creativity, theater and the way of presenting themes on a catwalk or stage.
The focus is how different groups of people have taken recycled clothing and redesigned it into new fashion items. We will introduce some methods to develop new ideas in a sustainable way. During the workshop the participants will be working in groups developing a piece of redesigned clothing or accessoriere and the groups will present the items in a performative way at the close of the workshop.

There will be VIA Design-students available for helping the participants all the way through the session.

Linda Rubin, Lecturer at VIA University College in Aarhus. Linda is educated at the two big Danish design schools, Design School Kolding and the Royal Danish Academy and thus brings together two proud traditions in her 15 years at VIA University College.
She works with both practice and theory in her practice and teaches how to create a space where ideas, experimentation, reflection and intuition can run wild in the constant slipstream of trends in an ever-changing world.

Klaus Rubin, Lecturer in drama, theatre and cultural events at VIA University College Aarhus in the pedagogical department.
Klaus has a background as an actor and choreographer in the physical body-theatre tradition and is a qualified drama pedagogue. He teaches and instructs a wide range of people, from children and young people to adults, people with special needs and inmates in prisons.
Klaus has been working in the fashion industry during the past 27 years, developing fashion setups for companies, representing the culture at the moment, choreographing models, performers, dancers and musicians and developing digital backgrounds as scenography. Thus, Klaus brings the performative presentation element to this session.