How can we make our city both a place that catalyses and reflects a culture of creativity and innovation? Inclusive city is key – a city valuing all people and their needs equally. But how are we going to do that?
Join this session with AT Home, pioneers in redesigning housing for people living with autism. They will introduce their breakthrough residential units and facilitate a session around their next design.
So here, you will get hands-on experience becoming a problem-solver for an autism-friendly homes.
Whether you are intrigued by the idea of inclusivity or just interested in new residential structures – then this session is the one for you!

Make the city a living space for everybody - Rethink the residential concept for people with autism

One percent of the world’s population is somewhere on the autism spectrum, and the number of people diagnosed has risen sharply in recent decades. How do we include them in the city?

There is a need for considering new, more flexible housing solutions which can support the de-stigmatization for people with autism in the city. Although we know that physical surroundings make a big difference for this target group, very little research being done on how a living environment can provide and support the comfort and development of people with autism.

One solution to this challenge is Specialist Area Autism’s living concept AT Home. AT Home is a flexible, mobile home with an eye toward autism-friendly architecture. A home in which residents can feel at home, be themselves in safe and familiar surroundings while also being included into the society.

AT Home can obtain a permanent construction permit, but at the same time they’re mobile and can be moved with the resident if needed. This is a smart solution because people with autism are challenged when it comes to change. The living concept is also flexible in size depending on the residents’ wants and needs, and it is built with sustainable methods and materials.

At the breakout session, we’ll give you five obstacles to an autism-friendly building, then challenge you to play, create and explore with us. A well-designed home can help people with autism get ready to go out and take part in the city around them. AT Home is one take on this challenge, but how do you think we can we rethink the residence structures for people with autism?

The session will be facilitated by Mette Wienberg, who is the architect behind Denmark’s first and only autism-friendly living concept, called Seniors House for elderly people with autism.