The economic contribution of the creative industries has been widely recognised. In fact, today its impact is greater than ever.
Join this workshop with DC Scotland and Flanders DC and other key agencies, meet like-minded people and discuss how a clear sense of purpose and mission can nurture its future potential while showing the way for other sectors.

Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Purpose: weaving together the strands of social and financial success

Increasingly we find that creative businesses balance the generation of value across the three areas of cultural value, social value and financial value. Recognising these different strands that go into making a successful creative enterprise and how purpose and values must be woven in from the start for maximum effect, we look towards a future economy in which these core motivations are understood, nurtured and invested in. Potentially this makes the creative sector, in all its great diversity, a beacon for the wider society and economy.

As well as long established trading links, Scotland and Flanders share a strong historical interest in the creative industries of weaving and textiles. Join us as we explore in partnership how creativity, entrepreneurship and purpose can collectively improve the very fabric of our lives.

The session will focus on the theme of Enterprise and will be led by key agencies from Scotland and Flanders including Creative Scotland; the Cultural Enterprise Office; Flanders DC and the Scottish Government. We are looking to share ideas and build alliances with other national and regional bodies. Therefore the workshop will look to build relationships based on common purpose and a shared understanding of the future potential of the creative industries.