How do co-working spaces inspire innovation and collaboration? How does a creative and mixed environment influence your success? What are the future work life trends – and why? How is teamwork when everyone is the boss? Are those question burning to you, but you never had the chance to unpack them? Join Kaospilot HIVE for this co-working session of exploration and insights into these questions.

How are we going to work together ... individually?

The co-working space Kaospilot HIVE will be your host and present an example of a new, creative co-working environment.“Coworking has been one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial trends of the last decade”, states Forbes Magazine.
KaosPilot HIVE is an example of that trend and a case of how to create a common ground for creative collaboration and entrepreneurial growth.

In this session you will…
• Gain insight into how this space creates value, network and opportunities for its entrepreneurs
• Experience the work environment yourself
• Receive inspiration on how to create a co-working space
• Share ideas on how to develop a space for future collaborative, creative businesses
We will lead you through why Kaospilot HIVE was established, the visions for the hub, personal experiences and tap into why we think this is a sustainable and beneficial way of working together.

We are Kaospilot HIVE. An ensemble of creative business in Aarhus.
Kaospilot HIVE has been created as a catalyst –¬ a catalyst to expanding your network, to use and challenge your competencies in various partnerships, serving all kind of customers. If you want to become a HIVE’er you want to take responsibility for the community and make sure that all HIVE’ers are doing well professionally as privately. We are 23 individual companies with our own set of skills and competences. When we work together, we work as a network based agency under the name Kaospilot HIVE. Furthermore we have 100 students at the Kaospilots from all over the world as back-up, that´s the Kaospilots. We are the solid base with various backgrounds and educations.