If you are looking for answers, then this probably isn’t for you. Creativity World Forum’s very own artists in residence, Ben & Stephanie invite you to join them in their creative experiments.
After spending three weeks immersing themselves into life in Aarhus they gained an outsider-insider perspective exploring the unpredictability of a city in flux, asking what impact does the urban environment have upon the citizens’ ability to contemplate? Now they are back to open up for their findings and co-create with delegates to take that work a step further. Citizen engagement is serious business but does it need such a serious approach? Come flux with us and explore playful ways to challenge perspectives and think anew about developing cities.

Come flux with us!

Ben & Stephanie work together as (in)Visible Partners, a visual communications duo based in London, exploring societal challenges through film, installations, graphic design and workshops. Their approach to art and design is influenced by Stephanie’s studies on the Design Interactions programme at the Royal College of Art. Her practise gently questions and challenges preconceptions of Art & Design practise in an immersive and playful manner.

Stephanie puts herself directly into her work, going undercover to explore new approaches to design research or travelling to Tokyo to try to become Japanese in 100 days. Stephanie plays with a mixture of performative and experiential techniques as tools for engaging different peoples into her research questions. In Japan, Stephanie created a meditative installation for the local community to physical engage with challenging national identities through movement, audio and visual exercises, blurring the boundary between performer and audience. For The AfterBite, Stephanie designed an installation that placed visitors in the perspective of being swallowed by five different animals.

As a pair, they have questioned how advancements in information technology are intruding upon the individual’s ability to coherently process information – the freedom to think. They created, an online dynamic experience designed to be reflective of information overload whilst also offering an opportunity to slow down and reflect upon a moment of recent history and how it played out online.

During their stay in Aarhus they decided to focus again on contemplation and how the transitioning urban environment impacts different factions of society. In there session they will explore and test a range of creative activities designed from their research trip to prompt new approaches to thinking about the urban environment.

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