Do you want an insight into know how big leading organisation stay innovative without leaving their core business behind?
Join this session with Danske Bank, with a showcase of perfect fusion between Denmark’s leading bank bringing 150 years of experience with the mind-sets of successful up-starting entrepreneurs.
Find out how this exactly works and give live feedback during this session, where entrepreneurs are pitching their ideas about a real-life challenge given by Danske Bank.

Corporate entrepreneurs

How can well-established enterprises innovate while not losing focus on core business?
Are employees within large organisations having trouble finding time and resources to be innovative?
Are winning large organisations those who learned to mimic practices, methods and culture of successful small companies?
What can we learn from those practices?

Join Danske Bank to find out more about the future of coexistence. The event will focus on enterprises’ way to innovate. It will be an exciting and eye-opening opportunity for your business, for your ideas and you personally.

Danske Bank will open up for how big companies stay innovative, whilst keeping their core business on track. This is one of the key questions today, not only for the business itself but also for the future of work.
You will meet well-established enterprises keen to promote innovative ideas. We will look at the collaboration between established firms and innovative forces from the start-up environment and examine whether their joint forces can boost the innovative process.

So how does it work?

Innovative start-ups will alongside personalities within established businesses and innovators debate on the best solution to a challenge within the two established enterprises, DAFA and IdHAIR. The panel will consist of:

·         Carsten Holst, General Manager at Filmby Aarhus

·         Kim Svendsen, Director at Stibo Accelerator

·         Kim Bisgaard, CEO Culture & Business at Innovation Lab

·         Lasse Chor, Dot Connector & Happiest Man Alive, Happy42

·         Klavs Hjort, Senior Vice President Business Innovation, Danske Bank

·         Kenneth Boll, CEO at Raptor Services

·         Daniel Laursen, Partner & Co-founder at

and of course you as a delegate.

Representing the two participating entreprises:

·         DAFA, Sasha Nikolic, Director Sales Northern Europe, Global R&D

·         DAFA, Jeppe Ibsen, R&D Development Engineer

·         Preben Munch Kjærgaard, IdHAIR, CEO

·         Flemming Sølvstad Nielsen, IdHAIR, CFO

Entrepreneur and journalist Anders Kanberg from SpotOn will take us through the day.

Whether you would like to take part of the innovation process, wish to examine the cooperation between established enterprises and the start-up environment, are hungry for inspiration in your own innovation process, would like to meet like-minded innovative personalities – we are looking forward to having you with us for an innovative afternoon!