Have you also heard that urban development must be creative, playful, climate considerate and engage citizens – all at once? True, it is a high bar! But local organisation, PrimusMotor, stands up to challenge, in both theory and practice.
Come see for yourself when PrimusMotor give a taste of their co-creative processes, and show examples of their work in private and public partnerships, engaging citizens to develop urban spaces for activity, play and recreation.
If creative urbanity is your thing, and you want inspiration on how to get the right angle on your next project, join this session!


The climate is changing. That is a fact. Several times a year, many cities and communities encounter flooding due to massive rainfall. In other places, cities struggle with drought. No matter the challenge, climate changes affect global everyday life.

This breakout session inspires you to stand up to the challenge of adapting our cities to future weather conditions, big as small – what if we can turn the challenge around and instead create new opportunities? But where does the local government fit in this? And how do we engage citizens to take action and responsibility for a climate-adapted city, so they in the end experience the undergoing changes in their city as valuable?

“City heritage” is many things – but are our old sewers, not fit for massive rainfall several times a year, one of them? Today, this is the question in many Northern European cities.

In 2013, the community of Låsby asked the exact same question, and invited PrimusMotor to help find the answer. In this breakout session, Stine Skaarenborg and Ida Kroghave will tell you how the answer was found in a unique collaboration with local citizens, the utility company, municipality and private funding. Furthermore, the case presentation will be followed by dialogue and knowledge sharing among the participants.

This breakout session is for anyone, who is passionate about creative urban development and wish to discuss innovative solutions for turning the issues of climate changes into opportunities.

We look forward to face the challenge with you!


PrimusMotor is a creative consulting agency that is passionate for citizen inclusivity, innovation and urban development. PrimusMotor’s portfolio consists of multiple cases of assisting municipalities and utility companies in engaging local citizens in climate change projects. In most cases, PrimusMotor functions as the project manager and fundraiser.
Stine Skaarenborg and Ida Kroghave, both consultants at PrimusMotor, will facilitate this breakout session