People who suffer from a problem are uniquely equipped to solve it. Do you have ideas for your community? How to improve life in cities? Join this unique opportunity with Kulbroen and get inspired by four amazing individuals who implemented their ideas to improve neighbourhoods. If you are all keen on how bottom-up innovations work and what can be improved, then this session is exactly right for you!


Hear from local champions and help them get more attention and influence on the development of their respective areas of Aarhus!

Like all other cities, Aarhus consists of distinctive and unique neighborhoods. The municipality and developers are constantly adding to and changing the city. But locals are also speaking up and taking action to improve their communities.

In this session, you will meet four locals and their projects. They will explain their intentions and debate how bottom-up development helps improve a city. They will talk about the identity of their respective areas – Gellerup, Sydhavnen, Rundhøj and Aarhus K – and how to involve that identity and culture in their work. You will boost their projects by giving them ideas and input on how to progress their initiatives and activities. For a moment, take part in their projects and leave with a sense of fulfillment after a common creative journey!

Christian Fumz from GivRum works with temporary spaces and involvement in Gellerup.
Daniel Walsh from Kulbroen advocates for a new landmark on Sydhavnen.
Thomas Harboe from Punkt & Felt focuses on neighborliness in Rundhøj.
Jonas Larsen from Institut for (X) is a part of a vibrant, creative space in Aarhus K.