Get real with two of Denmark’s grand thinkers when it comes to sustainable development, paradigm shift, resilience and leadership.
In this session, Steen Hildebrandt and Michael Stubberup will take you on a journey of sustainability from the global perspective to the very personal sustainable development – and everything in between.
We think you will like this: Steen and Michael get really tangible and the session outputs real actionable action points or what they dub “The smallest possible change”.

Sustainable Eco-Creation

Sustainable Leadership processes are based on action learning – a process alternating embodied intention, attention, action, feedback and evaluation – explicit knowledge and as foundation for new intentions.

We focus on being co-creators of the present paradigm shift on three levels:
• intrinsic personal sustainability
• relational social sustainability
• systemic global sustainability

How do we become better at learning to apply nature’s way of organising, living, and leading – and hereby guiding and nurturing the unfolding creativity in people and systems?

A point of departure
In order to lead other people we should be able to lead ourselves. This mean that we should need an internal compass; we must as individuals embrace values associated with the meaning of our own lives as a core aspect when ultimately taking part in leadership on a global level.

After framing the current global situation – exemplified by The UN 17 Sustainability Goals – and the science of living systems, we will introduce the question: Which skills, principles or intelligences promote sustainability in terms of human beings individually and in social processes.

Cultivating the creative capacity
The session will first address the fact that we are all prisoners of the present paradigm – stuck in old mental patterns and linear thinking.

Secondly, we address Nature as a primary gateway to Sustainable Eco-Creation. We will introduce gearshift exercises to activate body awareness by connecting to the autonomic nervous system – and hereby invite our natural source of creative capacity.

Through individual exercises, reflections and dialogs we will finally
deepen the experiences connected to one’s experiences of flow, existential meaning and more profound aspects of creativity – inviting a more holistic worldview.

Smallest Possible Change
Finally, we will introduce the concept, “Smallest Possible Change” – small gearshifts, which empower the process of profound change.

Steen Hildebrandt, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Management, the Aarhus School of Business and Social Studies at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Michael Stubberup, B.A. and M.A., is founder and CEO for SYNerGAIA and board member of Vækstcenteret, Nr. Snede, Denmark. For 15 years the two have collaborated on ’Sustainable Leadership – leading from the heart’ and recently completed a three years master program on ’Sustainable CoCreation – practicing Presencing’ in collaboration with Arawana Hayashi from Presencing Intitute.

Together they form Leading from the heart and Sustainable Eco-creation.

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