How does an adaptive tension engine work? Or a concept carousel?
If this sounds just too enticing, here is the session for you!
All the way from The Netherlands, the fantastic Liliya Terzieva and Guido Aerts are both masters of these outlandish concepts. Thoughout the session, they will share their insights as well as take all participants through the experience of both the adaptive tension engine and the concept carousel. Before the session is over, they assure that you can operate both too.

Adaptive Tension Engine - How to design for transformation

Curious, interested, searching for inspiration how to collectively design, create, innovate?
What could this actually mean for a potential and desired transformation of an organisation, business, industry, entire system and their creative spirit cultivation?

We are living in interesting and changing times where everything is evermore connected to everything else, supported by technology, digitalisation and connectivity. However, we are still primarily human and we, in specific, drive creativity and innovation further.

There are simple mechanisms that explain the ways we can cultivate and nurture this amazing potential. This session will take you along on a joint expedition and guide you through the principles!

Then comes the curious name of this session, “The adaptive tension engine”. What is it?

Applied in the context of cultivating and nurturing a creative spirit, we shall explore the nature of the adaptive tension engine as a tool to understand and be able to:

– reshape relationships – being in a networked logic, everyone starts seeing him/herself as an active value creator
– reformulate value creation on the point of ‘relevance’ for society at large – everyone to start acting as an active participant in value creation processes
– transform the dialogue, where “words continuously and dynamically create worlds” (Nijs, 2014), appealing positively and imaginatively to all kind of stakeholders and engaging everyone individually as well as collectively, rationally and emotionally; stimulating recombination of existing resources across entities.

Session details
Our session will have the format of a Concept Carousel creative session, a facilitated collective experience. Here, all participants will be taken through the principles of the adaptive tension engine for designing (creating), practically and theoretically. This process can be described as creating spaces and enabling flow of ideas, innovation and unpredictability, using the shared sense of purpose as a guidance or as the open, expansive, creative and energising nature of leading and steering. At the end, everyone is enriched with knowledge and specific practical techniques to apply what has been shown and done.

Still interested and even more curious? We are waiting for you!

Liliya Terzieva, PhD; Senior lecturer and researcher, Master in Imagineering programme coordinator
Guido Aerts; Master in Imagineering students and alumni

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