We’ve teamed up with a bunch of great and innovative contributors who will create sculptures, experience rooms, fashion shows and much more. Read more about the projects of the Scandinavian Design College, DC Living Lab and three students from Aarhus School of Architecture below.

DSDH // Scandinavian Design College

NETWORKING, an obstruction

How does architecture demand interaction between people who do not know each other in advance? How can interaction create relationships that lead to cooperation?

Students from AB (Arkitektur & Bydesign – Architecture & Urban Design) at the Scandinavian Design College are focusing people encounters; they will form the framework for necessary collaborations and meetings in a transformation of the balcony on the top floor in Musikhuset.

Tweets & Types – Live (action) typesetting

The graphic students at the Scandinavian Design College will be setting up a printing workshop which, during the two days, will produce linguistic highlights and tweets from the various talks.
The students will then collect the linguistic gold nuggets, which they print on large printed circuit boards with homemade letters and graphic elements. These printed circuit boards are inked and pressed onto a paper roll. When the print is complete the paper is rolled out to fit a new text into another layout. Thursday afternoon, after the last keynote speaker, there will be an opportunity to acquire one of these posters.


In prehistoric times, any king / leader was represented by a number of artifacts that would emphasize his power. A sceptre, an apple, coats, weapons, crowns and thrones, not least.
All things that would empower the leader.
In modern times, it is not that relevant anymore – perhaps replaced by the ability to have and express the most bombastic opinions on TV, be in possession of the biggest rockets or be fastest on Twitter.

Nevertheless, we still talk about “the battle for the throne” – or the fall of the very same.

The students from MRP (Møbel, rum & produktdesign – Furniture, interior & product design) will reinvent the “throne” and, on the basis of a number of current state leaders, will make new and modern proposals for THE THRONE. It will be like showpieces; critical / political design, which intend to create reflection and act as conversational topics.


Scandinavian Design College’s Fashion and Textile line is working with “conceptual character design”. The project focuses on how to communicate NOISE whether this is physically, visually or through conceptual undertones like costumes and masks. In addition to that, it is supported through staged photography. In addition, the costumes will be conveyed through movement and dance presented in a live performance in collaboration with choreographer, Julie Brøgger, and the Ballet Academy in Aarhus during the conference.

Read more about the school here


DCLivingLab 2017 is a journey of innovation and creativity. Young people with curious and exploring mindsets are sharing new solutions for cities on the rise. The Lab consists of intensive work on three topics for five days. During the five days, facilitators and experts will inspire and help the process along. DCLivingLab 2017 takes place in Aarhus and starts two days before Creativity World Forum.

Participants are introduced to the Urban Challenges of Sydhavnen in Aarhus (the South harbour), a fast-changing industrial urban area, which will serve as the location of the workshop. They will be introduced to artists, designers, architects, small companies, social institutions and homeless people – each with their own urban challenge in a fast-changing neighbourhood. Participants are introduced to Urban Tools that help us research, map information and collect data in the area.

Cubes showcased in Ridehuset will show the Urban Challenges that the students have been working on in Sydhavnen along with pictures from the process. Everything leads up to the Urban Challenge EXPO on Friday 3 November at 3pm in Black Box, Jægergårdsgade 154C. Here, you’ll be able to visit an exhibition inspired by the process, the new knowledge and all the skills that the participants have gained. The prototypes from Sydhavnen will be merged with knowledge from the conference.

Read more about the project here

Students from Aarhus School of Architecture

// Daniel Habtemariam, Kåre Rømer Claësson, Lasse Buus

This project is an architectural walkway. A process that puts a rhythm into the existing environment to create a space and a social venue.

On the walkway you will experience spaces, shapes and a play with transparency, which has been a key point in the development of the project. The idea has been to create an architectural experience that invites you to interact, but at the same time provides you with a fast track from the coffee station at Ridehuset to Musikhuset.
The design will feature multiple cubes sculpted to create the feeling of being inside and outside simultaneously.

Through this, they attempt to create an oasis that will translate the departure from everyday life into an encounter with creativity.